Red rubber ball makes a splash at Toronto Raptors game

A red rubber ball is made by a small company called Nuscape in Mississauga.

It’s a little bit of a joke but the company says it’s really fun to play with.

“It’s a lot like playing with your own toys,” said Nuscap’s owner, Matt Brown.

“You’re not getting it from a toy company.

It comes from your own imagination.

It came from you.

It was your idea.

You made it.”

The ball is called Nucap and it comes in a variety of colours.

It can be anything from blue to purple.

Brown says it was originally designed to be a birthday present for his son.

“My son, he’s about 4 years old, he likes to do a little trick, like when he plays with the rubber ball he goes to the other side of the room and then the rubber comes out on the other end and he’s happy,” Brown said.

The ball was invented in the early 2000s and Nucape has been making rubber balls ever since.

The company has been selling its products to the public since 2014 and now sells the balls in many different shapes and colours.

The company’s website says its rubber balls are available in different sizes, colors and designs.

The balls are popular among parents.

Some have their own private playrooms and there are also some playgrounds in the area that allow people to use them.

The popularity of the ball has prompted Nucas president and CEO, James Cappiello, to try and get a local company to make rubber balls in his city.

“We think it’s great that kids like to do this and so do parents,” he said.

“It’s nice to have something in their backyard that they can play with and it’s fun to do.”

Brown says the company has tried to keep the rubber balls small but is now trying to create a larger variety.

He says they’re also working on adding new colours and materials to the balls.

“If we can find a better rubber material that is durable enough and can be recycled and we can use it as a flooring material we will be making a bigger range of rubber balls,” he added.

“This is a local product that we know well.

We’ve been making this for the last three years.”

Brown has seen an increase in interest in the balls since they were introduced.

“Last year I had people come up and play with the balls and they were really interested in them and they want to know more about them,” he explained.

“They’re really fun.”

The company is also working with local businesses to offer the balls to their employees.

The balls are now available to the community for free, including in a lot of parks.

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