‘Rubber Mulch’ lowes in the woods and backcountry for the first time

The weather in Florida this summer has been quite mild, but I’m still finding my feet in the swamp.

It’s a good thing because I’m finding out that my favorite winter hiking trail in the Sunshine State has changed in recent months.

I went down to the beach for a bit of a walk on a Friday night and stumbled upon a new trail called Rubber Mulch Lowes.

There was some mud on the trail, but it wasn’t too bad.

It had some nice patches of mud and it was just nice to see some natural beauty. 

In the summer, I love to hike and get out and explore.

I have my little kids and I enjoy hiking on the beach or in the forest with my dogs. 

So I was super excited to find a new hiking trail and have some fun on it. 

This is the kind of trail that would be perfect for a family with kids. 

The trail starts at the intersection of the old trail that went down the hill to the parking lot at the Orange County Convention Center. 

I like the way this old trail looks because it looks like it could be a trail to someplace interesting. 

Then, it gets a little steeper into the woods. 

From here, you can get up onto the trail and you can see that it goes right up into the canopy. 

A little farther down, you will come across a couple of old oak trees. 

There is a creek that flows through the forest and a few small streams that you can swim down. 

After a bit, you see a couple more oak trees and some more of the woods on your left. 

On your right, you get to a sign that says  Rubber Mulching Lowes . 

The first part of the trail that you are hiking is called  Rubber Mud Lowes  and it starts off right on the right side of the road. 

You can also take the Orange Drive to the trailhead at the bottom of the hill. 

It’s a long drive from downtown Orlando. 

When you get there, you are on the paved paved road to the Sand and Gravel Trailhead  about 3 miles down the road from the parking area. 

Once you get off the paved road, you take a left onto the paved parking lot. 

Here, you want to take the paved dirt road up to the end of the parking. 

That’s where the rubber mulching is located. 

At the end, you come to another sign that reads  Rubber Grass Lowes  and you take that road right on to the dirt road. 

  Then the dirt trail gets a bit steeper and more rocky. 

As you get farther into the forest, you start to see new pine trees.

The trail then gets steeper. 

Eventually, you reach the junction of Rubber Mud and Rubber Grass. 

Rubber Mud is a little bit easier to walk on because it’s flat and it’s easy to walk along. 

Sand is also pretty easy to go on. 

If you are really into the trail in a small group, you might want to start at Rubber Mud. 

Next, you go back to the paved drive. 

Now, you head off to the left and it gets even steeper as you get further and further into the wilderness. 

Keep going along the paved highway until you get back onto the  Rubber Road  (which is a paved road). 

You are going up this paved road until you reach a trailhead that has rubber mulchers on it with a sign saying  Rubber Mule Trails . 

Once the Rubbers road gets up to  Rubber Lowes , you take the left fork and it is called Rubber Mud Road . 

This road starts out flat and then gets more steeper on each side. 

One of the big differences between Rubber Mud road and Rubber Mud lowes is that rubber mulcher road is flat and doesn’t have a sign pointing out that the rubber is wet. 

For the last few hundred feet, there is no water, but you can always swim down into the water if you want. 

Soon, the road goes up into a creek and you will find a small stream that you should swim down to. 

Again, there are rubber mulches on both sides of the creek and the water gets a lot steeper here. 

Just before the water reaches the bottom, there will be a Rubers road sign and Rubters road trailhead. 

Be careful on this road as it will turn right and you are going to cross a bridge over the creek. 

We had some bad weather and this trail is still pretty rocky and hard to swim down here.

 You need to take a very careful and gentle approach. 

While you are at the rubber trail, you should also take a look at the 

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