New York City to launch program to remove dead rubber

New York city is expected to launch a pilot program to reduce the number of rubber mold infections by 20 percent this summer.

City officials say the rubber room at the Roosevelt Hotel in midtown will be the first of the city’s more than 100,000 indoor and outdoor rubber rooms to be cleaned in two years.

In addition, the city is offering to install new ventilation equipment in indoor rubber rooms and in some outdoor rubber room lobbies to help reduce mold growth and help prevent mold from getting into rooms where residents are sleeping.

The program will also target rubber room workers in the public eye, including celebrities, the mayor’s office said in a statement.

The city is also launching a public awareness campaign aimed at stopping mold in the rubber rooms, which are the main source of mold growth in New York, including mold in rooms that are used for children.

The rubber room in the Roosevelt hotel will be replaced by a new model in mid-June, said Kristina Nardini, the hotel’s executive vice president of business operations.

The project is part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s effort to tackle the citys mold problem.

Last month, he signed a $1.6 billion mold reduction deal with state officials to reduce mold from the rubber-woven walls and floors of the Roosevelt.

In recent months, mold has grown in rubber rooms in Manhattan and other parts of the New York area, with the most recent case being found in a mold outbreak in a hotel in the Bronx last month.

A large amount of mold has been found in one room at a New York state correctional facility in the Brooklyn borough of Brooklyn, where two inmates died in January.

The mold was spread from one room to another, causing other inmates to become ill.

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