Why did the government make the rubber duck the new $100,000 car?

The Rubber Duck, the $100 million electric vehicle from Toyota Motor Corp., is a new version of the rubber duck.

But it has not received the same level of hype that other high-tech vehicles have.

It has also not been as widely adopted by the general public.

Here are some key takeaways from the auto news story: 1.

Toyota is selling about 3,000 of the vehicles a day.


It is not a major new vehicle.


Toyota expects sales of the Rubber Duck to top 6 million in its first year.


The rubber duck has a reputation for being hard to drive, and it is not.


Toyota wants to bring the Rubber Ducks to the U.S. market.


The company is investing $100 billion in its U.s. production of the car.


The Toyota Rubber Duck is a hybrid, electric-powered vehicle, with a range of 120 miles on a charge and 80 on the highway.

The vehicle is available in three models, the Lexus LX, the Toyota Prius Prime and the Toyota Tacoma, which all offer a range between 120 and 150 miles.

The Lexus is the most affordable, priced at $70,900 and available starting in 2019.

The Prius is available starting next year at $90,900.

The Toyota Priuses have a range up to 160 miles, but it is designed to be more of a luxury vehicle, which is why Toyota has included a range-extending battery pack that can deliver the same range as a Prius, but without the battery cost.

The hybrid version of Toyota’s Prius can reach up to 120 miles per charge.

The Tacoma is more affordable, but with a more basic, but longer range option that can range from 80 to 120.

The Lexus will be the first Toyota vehicle to get the hybrid version.

The car will have a hybrid engine that will power all four wheels and an electric motor that will charge the battery pack.

It will also have a rear-wheel drive system that will assist in getting the vehicle moving.

The engine will be able to power the rear wheels by itself, and there will be a torque converter to increase the range of the vehicle.

The Prius has a hybrid drivetrain, and will get a plug-in hybrid option for the first time.

The battery pack will be bigger and can deliver up to 1,200 miles of range, depending on the vehicle’s configuration.

The first model of the Toyota Lexus SUV is the Toyota Corolla, which will get an all-electric version.

In 2021, the vehicle will be sold with a hybrid version, the Prius Premier, which has a battery pack up to 200 miles and an all electric drivetrain.

The plug-ins can get up to 150 miles on the road and the range-hugging electric drive will give the vehicle the ability to go up to 80 miles on an electric charge.

The Corolla Hybrid will be priced at between $70 and $90 million, and the Priuses Premier Hybrid will start at $95 million.

The two vehicles will also be sold together in the United States.

The Corolla is available from 2019 through 2023, and then will be available for $100 and $130, respectively.

The hybrid version will be offered as an option for both the Toyota Camry and Toyota Yaris.

It offers a range from 150 miles to 200 on the city and highway, depending upon the vehicle model.

The Camry will have the same hybrid engine as the Priumas, and both vehicles will get the option to get a hybrid option.

The new Prius will also come with an option to add a plug in hybrid option, but the Toyota will not sell that option.

The only plug in option is a rear wheel drive option, which gives the Priuss a better feel when driving on the open road.

The Camry, the best-selling hybrid vehicle in the U, will come with the Priuse Premier Hybrid.

The first Camry model will come in 2021, and in 2023 it will be added to the line-up.

It comes with a 200-mile range, a hybrid powertrain, a plug battery, and an optional hybrid plug in.

The new Toyota Camrys will start with a base price of $85,900, and $100 for a second model.

The Yaris will come to the US in 2021 with a plug electric option.

It also will be equipped with a standard battery pack, which can go up for $130.

The second model will be cheaper, and can be had for around $95,000.

The current Toyota Priuse Prime comes with the Toyota Mirai, which comes with an electric engine, a battery, a torque converter, and a six-speed manual transmission.

The price of the PriUS Prime Hybrid will rise to $100 from $95.

The Mirai will be

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