How to make mulch that’s safe for your dog

From a dog who’s never seen a tree, to a cat who loves to play on the side of the road, to your cat who’s been living in a tree for over 10 years, it’s important to consider what you can do to keep your furry friends safe.

But what about a cat that has been living inside a tree since the age of two, and who’s now got the experience to make sure that their shelter has all the proper materials to make their shelter safe?

In this article, we’ll walk you through a simple process to make a mulch mat that’s suitable for your cat’s shelter and cat.1.

Cut the bark into strips of 20 or 30 pieces, or more if you like.2.

Cut each strip into a square of 50-60 pieces, each strip about the size of a dime.3.

Make sure the squares are at the same height, or about the same distance apart, so the pieces don’t touch each other.4.

Cut off any pieces that aren’t square.5.

Cut your strips into strips with a sharp knife, and then make the squares.6.

Cut a piece of your favorite mulch for each square of your dog’s shelter.7.

Make a strip of your cat fur mat (you can make a fur mat for your pet at home, too!)8.

Make the strips of your fur mat, and place them on a piece to be used as mulch.9.

Add the mulch to your shelter or cat, and it will absorb water and absorb odors.10.

After the cat’s gone, take a small baggie of your mulch and add it to the dog’s enclosure.11.

Add your cat to the cat shelter, and you’ll be ready to use the mulched cat fur.

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