How to dunk a rubber duck in Canada

Can you dunk a basketball?

The answer is yes, but not without a bit of luck.

Canadians love their rubber ducks.

They’re not the most durable duckling breed in the world, but they are popular with hockey and volleyball players.

The Canadian Rubber Duck is a popular duckling in Canada, according to its owner, Rob Niepah.

His ducklings are among the most sought after in the country, and they are known as a “bucket of joy” among his customers.

Niepach said he started selling ducklings about six years ago in Vancouver, and now he has thousands of ducklings and thousands of ducks on display in his duck store, which is located in a small, industrial-looking building on the outskirts of the city.

The ducks have become a huge draw for the shop, NiePach said.

He said he sells about 150,000 ducklings a year, and about 500,000 ducks a day at the duck store.

Ducklings are prized because they’re soft, and their tails are often used for decoration.

Niespach, who lives in the area with his wife and three young children, said he likes to use the ducklings as decoration for his backyard and to have them put on display for visitors to see.

He said he would also like to have a variety of duckling toys, including a rubber band, rubber duckie board, rubber band and rubber duckies.

Nietzsche said there are plenty of other ducklings in the U.S. and Canada that are popular ducks, but he said the duckies are the most popular.

He estimated that about 50 percent of Canadians and 25 percent of Americans own ducklings.

Ducks are an important part of Canadian culture, and Niebach said there is a “real pride” in the way they’re raised.

He also said ducklings can help teach children about how to properly care for their ducks.

“The more you can do for your ducks, the better your kids will be at being ducks and the better they’ll be at learning how to be ducks,” he said.

Niemach said the ducks are “not the most beautiful duckling breeds in the whole world,” but they’re popular in the Canadian market.

“There are people out there that have a passion for them, and I’m sure that’s why people love them,” he added.

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