Why is this city in ruins?

Police rubber bullets are a very common sight in cities across the US.

But there’s a more common method of combatting rubber bullets: rolling on the pavement.

The problem is that it’s really dangerous to roll on the street, especially in the summertime, as the rubber absorbs the impact of the bullets.

Now, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is offering a new tool to help us avoid rubber bullets and other rubber bullets by rolling on concrete.

The National Rollout for the Safe Streets Act (NSSA) is an initiative that seeks to prevent rollover incidents by giving local police the ability to roll onto pavement.

“Rollover prevention requires a community’s participation,” said NISAA spokesperson J.R. Shipp, in a statement to Business Insider.

“When police roll onto the pavement, it creates a dangerous situation for pedestrians and drivers.

They risk a rollover and risk being struck by a police car.”

Here’s how it works.

If you live in a city where rolling is a common method, you’ll need to sign up for a free, local rollover prevention program.

“If you live on the Southside of Chicago, for example, you may sign up at a community event or at a police station,” said Shipp.

If your community is in the Northeast, you can register for a roll over prevention program through a local public safety agency.

If the event is on the East Side, you need to register through a community service agency.

You’ll need a signature from the local public health agency and the community’s health department.

Once the event has been designated, the public safety officer will call you and ask you to come pick up the signature.

“Once we sign up you’ll be notified by a call-back person,” said R.J. Stott, director of the NISSA’s Division of Community Services and Safety.

You will be given a phone number and the opportunity to pick up your signature.

After you receive your signature, the community service officer will deliver the rolled-on concrete roll.

If all goes well, the rollover will roll onto a concrete ramp and roll onto an adjacent parking lot.

“This is a great way to prevent rubber bullets from being discharged,” said Stott.

The rolled-up concrete roll can be installed on a wide variety of types of concrete, including asphalt, brick, and concrete.

Stamp said that rolling on a concrete surface is less risky than rolling on pavement, but that it can still be dangerous for pedestrians.

“We have a high risk of a roll-over happening if there’s someone on the ground and there’s no one around to help them,” said Spott.

Rollover prevention is an ongoing effort, and it will likely take some time for the Nisaa initiative to fully be rolled out in every city.

In the meantime, you’re welcome to roll around on concrete and hope that it stops rubber bullets.

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