Rubber flooring for cars, boats and other vehicles

In the past, the rubber floor on boats and cars used to be made of a material called polyurethane (PU) which is used to prevent the moisture from soaking into the rubber.

However, that material was prone to cracking, and there were problems with the cracking as well as the fact that it’s prone to being a fire hazard.

So, the researchers at the University of Southern Denmark (SSU) have developed a way to make rubber floors out of a variety of materials and make them stronger.

The researchers hope to be able to make these floors as strong as steel or aluminium by 2020.

The team’s method involves adding a layer of polymer clay to the rubber, which then forms a layer that’s able to resist heat and pressure.

The polymer clay is then heated and pressed onto the surface of the rubber to form a layer.

The process of building the polymer clay layer is then repeated for each layer.

This process takes about two to three months, and it can produce a high-strength rubber floor with a maximum strength of approximately 40 pounds per square inch.

In the future, the team is planning to test the strength of these floors on real boats and boats of various sizes, and they’re planning to make the floors available to the public in the form of a new product.

In terms of its uses, the new material is meant to be used as a protective layer between the rubber and the water on the water, which can help prevent cracks in the rubber or water from absorbing moisture into the polyure thane.

This material could also be used for roofing, since it’s strong enough to resist water infiltration into the roof.

“If you use the same type of rubber for the flooring you use for the roof, you won’t have to worry about cracking because the rubber is also made of polyuretha [PU],” says T. Larsson from SSU.

“We can use this type of polythene rubber as a substitute for the rubber used in roofing for buildings.

In fact, we’re even considering using it for roof-like surfaces that can be roofed with the polythean rubber.”

You can find out more about the work being done at the Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering, which is a subsidiary of the University.

The article was originally published by Engadgets.

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